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We Innovate & Create Sustainable Solutions to help
our Business Partners throughout the World Realize their Full Potential

Chemical Packagers

Hadsell offers specialty chemical packaging, bottling and labeling services. Our specialty chemical packaging services can provide your company with bulk and packaged chemicals that meeting your specific requirements.

Chemical Tolling

Hadsell offers various chemical tolling services, our current and expanding capacity of 24,000 gallons a day supports the solution that you need.

Chemical Milling

Hadsell offers chemical milling services such as the following:

  • Air Classification Milling
  • Food Grade Processing and Milling
  • Hammer Milling
  • Nutraceutical Milling
  • Plastics Milling

Chemical Processing

Hadsell offers a full range of chemical processing services including tolling, milling, blending, drying, classification, and packaging and much more.

About Our Company

Hadsell Chemical Processing, LLC. (HCP) provides turn-key compounding, chemical tolling, chemical  processing, chemical milling, chemical blending, and chemical packaging services for companies around the globe. The company provides a cost effective production facility for multinational companies to manufacture their chemical compounds.

Hadsell Chemical's experienced management team prides itself in providing the right mix of product and price for all your chemical compound needs. They strive to build a long-lasting relationship that exceed expectations. With a group of highly trained employees committed to you, they deliver timely quality products that facilitate your operations.

Hadsell Chemical's dedicated staffing includes a chemist, engineer, and safety specialist. Hadsell Chemical Processing occupies a modern rail served manufacturing and warehousing facility and have multiple loading and unloading docks for efficient handling of raw materials and finished goods shipment. With over 122,000 square feet located on 30 acres in Waverly, Ohio.

Hadsell Chemical is connected by road and rail to their sister company,  McGovney Rail and River Terminal, located 30 minutes south on the Ohio River.  Hadsell Chemical's is also connected by road and rail to Rickenbacker Inland Port Authority and Foreign Trade Zone 138.